I am an Iranian-born visual artist currently residing in Toronto, ON. As an interdisciplinary artist, my work consists of various mediums such as printmaking, photography, painting, and illustration with a current focus on lens-based media and video art. Through my work, I explore and attempt to depict my personal experiences such as immigration, alienation, and mental illness. I use expressive imagery and fluid lines to create movement and capture humans as patterns, and hollow shapes in order to construct visually striking compositions. Through abstraction and the deconstruction of the human body, I visualize my emotions and the experience of living with body dysmorphia. I am currently exploring my relationship with the community I was raised in and the one I currently reside in through curatorial projects, creating connections between seemingly separate worlds.  

2018-2022. Graduated with BFA in Visual Arts, Deans' Honour Roll, York University, Toronto, ON
Duo exhibitions:
2022. Connections, Special Projects Gallery, Toronto, ON
2022. This Body is Not a Home, Special Projects Gallery, Toronto, ON
Group exhibitions:
2022. Gender and the lens II, Organized by Feminist Photography Network, Gales Gallery, Toronto, ON
2022. Amalgamation, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON 
Curatorial project:
2022. Amalgamation, Gallery 1313 Toronto, ON
Selected awards:
2021. AGYU Spotlight Award
2021. People's choice Award at York University's annual Open House
2021. Dan Olsen Print Award
2021. York University Continuing student scholarship
2022. VAAH Print Honorarium Award

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