English translation: they used to say they missed me. 

English translation: He doesn't have any passion anymore.

English translation: I haven't heard of them in four years.

English translation: Donkey Saddam, donkey Saddam, don't forget the other side of the bridge.

sung during the war between Iran and Iraq. Referring the bombings in Isfahan, Iran. 

A Cup of Tea is a series of digital collages as a result of taking a closer look at Persian traditions during the pandemic. For this project, the artist takes a closer look at the importance of having a cup of tea in Persian culture by recording conversations that were had between people over a cup of tea. The visual body of the work consists of tea leaves used during these conversations, and the writings are parts of these conversations written in Farsi. Each image is accompanied by its English translation. 
Part of Connections, A two-person exhibition at the Special Projects Gallery located in York University. Printed on four 18x18 ceramic tiles. 
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