The Amalgamation art show was curated as a starting point to remove the separators between the artists and the dentists. The sciences and the arts. And instead, through the process of amalgamation, unite. 
Amalgamation brought together artists and dentists through a curated series of artworks constructed using dental material, tools, or dental-themed projects. The event focused on creating a social environment to unite people through the shared experience of dentistry and a passion for art. Mingling the seemingly separate worlds of fine arts and science through the shared intention of creating authentic dialogue. ​​​​​​​
The chosen group of artists showcasing work came from diverse backgrounds within the arts and displayed pieces in various mediums. Emerging artists were able to show their work alongside their more established peers. The event displayed large-scale photographs, fabric prints, an interactive video installation and sculpture created using dental material. Amalgamation transpired to be an evening of meaningful dialogues by colliding the two worlds of art and dentistry together.
Amalgamation took place at Gallery 1313 from November 8th- November 20th with a reception on November 10th from 6:30-9:30 PM. With the reception being a private event with a guest list of around 70-80 people brought together with light refreshments and snacks. The audience consisted of dentists, dental students, artists, art students, and university educators. 
I created a series of digital images exclusively for this exhibition using my own dental x-rays and imagery. 
With a successful start, Amalgamation is far from being done. We have a lot of amazing projects in store...
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